When COVID-19 struck in early 2020, many of us found ourselves stuck at home around the clock. Suddenly, we were forced to find new ways to complete everyday tasks without coming into close contact with others outside of our household. 

We picked up groceries and essentials curbside at grocery stores. Employees that were able to began commuting to their living rooms instead of the office each day. Students went to class at the kitchen table. And whether you practiced yoga prior to the pandemic or were looking for new ways to alleviate stress and get active with limited space, online yoga classes became a part of our daily routines.

Now, as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and life is largely returning to post-pandemic normal, we’re faced with a decision; continue attending online yoga classes or begin your search for in-person yoga classes near me? While online classes can be convenient, they also come with some big drawbacks. Keep reading to learn why online yoga classes can’t beat the yoga studio experience.

You Lose Out on Instructor Guidance

One of the biggest benefits of practicing yoga in a studio that you lose out on with online classes is the guidance of an experienced instructor. A virtual instructor can explain each pose and offer tips on mastering it. But they aren’t there to correct poor posture or provide assistance when attempting difficult poses for the first time.

As a beginner, this guidance is especially important. However, it can help students of all experience levels avoid injury and improve their skills when attempting new poses. Having your spine properly aligned or your feet placed just so during a pose may not seem all that important in the moment. But in reality, these tiny details can be the difference between strengthening your core or potentially suffering an injury, or otherwise losing out on the benefits of a particular pose.

Experts recommend working with a qualified yoga instructor, choosing a class and difficulty level that fits your abilities, and asking questions if you’re unsure of a pose or movement to avoid common yoga injuries. In an online yoga class, it won’t matter whether you’re following along with an experienced yoga instructor; they won’t be there to answer your question or correct your pose. 

Your Home May Not Have the Space or Features of a Studio

Do you have a home studio, or a large, empty space to practice in? If not, you’re likely tuning into your online yoga classes with your mat squeezed in between the couch and TV, or between your bed and a bathroom door. 

If you’re crammed into a tight space for your practice, it can be very difficult to properly attempt many common poses. Your movements may be constrained, or you may find your hands and legs bumping furniture as you stretch and contort in the tight space. If you’re constantly worried about making sure you aren’t going to bump a wall or the coffee table, you won’t be able to truly focus on your practice.

In a studio, you not only have plenty of space for every pose, but you’ll also enjoy a relaxing space designed to help you focus and relax.

We Face More Distractions at Home

More than one-third of American households reported that they are working from home more frequently than they did before the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re among the growing number of full or part-time remote workers, you’ve likely learned one common fact; working from home comes with far more distractions than you have in the office.

If you have kids at home, they’re no longer a phone call away. Instead, they can call for help from the other room or demand your attention while you’re in the middle of a Zoom call. Our pets are another big distraction, and all too often decide that they need us as soon as we’re in the middle of something important. But there are plenty of other distractions and temptations at home. The TV beckons you to turn it on as background noise. You might be tempted to get a head start on household chores. Even your view out the window might leave you daydreaming instead of getting work done.

All of these distractions apply when you try to practice yoga at home, too. As soon as you roll out your mat, your kids or pets will undoubtedly need you. In the middle of a meditation session, you might find your mind wandering to a floor that needs to be swept or a bill on the counter that needs to be paid. When these distractions are right in front of you, they can be hard to ignore. But when you’re in the studio, it’s easier to step away from the demands of your daily life and focus on your body, your breathing, and your practice

You Lose Out on the Social Aspect

If you’re someone who struggles to get motivated to practice yoga or do any kind of workout, you’ll likely find plenty of reasons to skip your online yoga class. You’re too busy, or too tired, or you just don’t feel like it. It’s unlikely that anyone will reach out to remind you to tune in.

But when you visit yoga studios for your classes, you build meaningful relationships with your classmates and instructors. Besides making your yoga classes more fun, this is also great for accountability. You’ll be far less likely to skip class when you know that your friends will be waiting for you!

Finding the Right Yoga Classes in Your Area

Online yoga classes can be a convenient way to squeeze in practice when you’re short on time or when you can’t leave your home. But they can’t compare to the experience you’ll enjoy in a studio.

From experienced instructors there to guide you and help you adjust each pose to a relaxing and distraction-free atmosphere, a studio is the best place to grow your yoga skills. If you’re ready to get back to the studio, check out our class schedule today to find your next class!