A quick Google search for “beginner yoga classes near me” will no doubt net you plenty of options for studios in your area. But while many yoga studios advertise that they offer courses for beginners, finding the right class can make all the difference when you’re first starting your practice.

Taking a course that’s too challenging or outside of your current abilities will leave you feeling discouraged and frustrated. It could even lead to injuries. The right beginner’s course will do the opposite. You’ll leave your class feeling energized and relaxed, and hopefully inspired to schedule your next class. 

Before you type in your search for the “best beginner yoga classes near me,” it’s important to learn what to look for. In addition to researching Utah yoga studios in your area, you’ll also want to learn which styles of yoga are more accessible for beginners than others. Keep reading to learn a few of the best yoga classes for beginners, as well as how to narrow your search of Utah yoga studios to find the right one for you.

What Makes the Best Yoga Classes for Beginners?

Whether you’re trying it for the first time or have been practicing for years, yoga offers a number of health benefits. Physically, yoga can help you to increase your flexibility and muscle strength, improve your breathing, maintain a healthy metabolism, protect you from injuries, and more. Yoga also offers mental benefits, like less stress and improved concentration.

Reaping these physical and mental benefits only happens when you choose a yoga class that’s suited to your current abilities. Trying to take on a class that’s designed for more advanced students may mean missing out on the important building blocks you need to have in place to master a difficult pose. 

You can also help to make sure that your first class is a success by preparing ahead of time. Wear comfortable, moisture-wicking clothing, get the right kind of mat or rent one in the studio, and make sure to hydrate ahead of your class.

So what makes for the best yoga class for beginners? Start by considering your own strength, flexibility, and physical abilities. 

Choosing the Right Style of Yoga 

Once you’ve considered your own physical abilities, it’s time to start searching for the right style of yoga for your first class. Some styles of yoga are more accessible for beginners than others. These classes will help you to develop your skills and build the flexibility and strength that you’ll need later on to master other poses.

Chair Yoga

One great yoga class option for beginners is Chair Yoga. Just as the name suggests, this style is designed for students to sit in a chair or stand next to a chair throughout the class. The chair offers support as you try out each new pose. With that support, you’ll have a chance to develop your skills and strength and increase your confidence without fear of stumbling or losing your balance, and risking an injury.

Each Chair Yoga class ends with postures on the mat. This gives students a chance to release any muscle tension, so you’ll leave the class feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. While Chair Yoga is a great choice for beginners, it can also be a great course for yogis of all experience levels looking to relax and unwind with a great stretch.


Both beginners and experienced yogis can benefit from this next style of yoga. Restore is a relaxing, regenerative class that’s specifically designed to help your muscles rest and lengthen. This class is slow-moving, calm, and restorative. 

Beginners will have plenty of time to comfortably adjust to each new posture, as you let go of any stress and worry from your day and heal from the inside out.

Mindful Flow 

When you run a search for the “best beginner yoga classes near me,” you’ll no doubt see a Mindful Flow class or two in the results. Like Restore, this class features a slower pace. The slow-moving class gives students a chance to be more intentional in each of their movements. Your instructor will remind you to focus on your body and breathe, and let go of intrusive thoughts, as you move from one posture to the next.

During a Mindful Flow class, you’ll be encouraged to enter a meditative state that can help you to find peace and mindfulness. The postures will help beginners and experienced yogis alike to build their strength and flexibility, release stress, and improve their balance.

Searching for Beginner Yoga Classes Near Me

There’s no one reason to try yoga for the first time. Perhaps you want to increase your strength and flexibility. Or maybe you’re looking to give your mental health a boost by reducing stress and improving your concentration. No matter the reason, the first step is to find the right beginner yoga class in your area.

Finding the right class is easier than you might think. Look for classes that are designed for beginners, and that offers a slower pace and a focus on moving gently from one posture to the next. Depending on your current fitness levels, a class that offers additional support, such as through the use of a chair that can help you balance, may be a great choice.

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