In addition to daily classes and our yoga teacher training, our St George studio hosts a variety of workshops and special classes throughout the years to help our students expand their skills and knowledge. One special workshop at our yoga Utah studio is coming up in just a few weeks.

On Friday, April 29, and Saturday, April 28, Sun Rock Yoga will be hosting a Yoga Adjustments Workshop. During this two-day course, students will learn the skills that they need to offer and receive yoga adjustments. Led by two experienced yoga teachers, this course is designed to help you build confidence in your ability to offer adjustments to your own students and to receive them in your personal practice.

If you’re a yoga teacher looking to expand your skill base, keep reading to learn more about this special workshop.

Yoga Adjustments Workshop

Led by two experienced teachers, Abigail Atkinson and Sarah Compras, this workshop is designed for both students and for individuals who have already completed their yoga teacher training. During this two-day Yoga Adjustments Workshop, students will receive a comprehensive tour of adjustments, assists, and holding spaces for their own personal yoga students or for their practice.

Looking to enrich your yoga practice and teaching skills? Let’s dive into what we’ll cover during this workshop, the details, and more.

What is Covered During This Workshop?

During this two-day, 8-hour workshop, students will develop and sharpen a variety of skills, and increase their knowledge of safe and effective adjustments and assists in yoga.

Some topics that will be covered during this workshop include:

  • The different categories of adjustments
  • The safety and ethics of adjustments
  • The difference between adjustments and assists
  • How to adjust/assist standing, seated, savasana, balancing & inversion postures
  • Over 65 adjustments for 16 foundational postures
  • The energetics of adjustments
  • Communication, confidence, and breath for assists

These topics are only the beginning! Through hands-on demonstrations and instructions, you’ll learn these and other skills to help you improve your own practice, and allow you to provide safe, effective adjustments to your yoga students.

The Details

The Yoga Adjustments Workshop will kick off at our St George studio on Friday, April 29 at 4 p.m. It runs from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. on April 29, and from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, April 28. Tuition for this workshop costs $250 per person.

The tuition fee includes hands-on practice and instruction, as well as a course guidebook. Yoga teachers who complete this workshop are eligible for 8 hours of continuing education hours with Yoga Alliance.

Meet the Instructors

The Yoga Adjustments Workshop will be taught by two talented yoga instructors; Abigail Atkinson and Sarah Compras. Between them, Abigail and Sarah have more than 24 years and 4,800 hours of experience teaching yoga.

After suffering a devastating stroke in 2012, Abigail began teaching yoga professionally as an outlet to help her recover. She has received specialized training in biomechanics and adaptive yoga, which gives her special insights into proper yoga adjustments. Abigail is passionate about using yoga assists and adjustments to help students build a deeper mind and body relationship.

Sarah’s yoga journey actually began with her gymnastics training, which allowed her to master the skills and mechanics of arm balances and inversions in yoga. Her personal history of injuries and aging has provided her with a keen sense of body awareness and safe movement. She uses these skills and knowledge to help others heal and strengthen weak areas and to learn how to prevent future injuries. Today, she applies her understanding through verbal and hands-on assistance and adjustments designed to help deepen each student’s personal experience and journey to their own self-discovery and individual interpretations of each yoga pose.

Who is This Workshop For?

With hands-on instruction and practical knowledge on providing safe and effective adjustments and assists, this class is a great choice for individuals who have already completed their yoga teacher training. 

Besides improving your skills to help you better serve your own yoga students, you’ll also be eligible for 8-hours of continuing education hours with Yoga Alliance. Students must complete 75 hours of continuing education every three years, including 30 hours of yoga training and 45 hours of teaching experience. 

While the Yoga Adjustments Workshop is a great choice for existing teachers, yoga students who are not teachers are also welcome. This workshop is a great opportunity to learn how assists and adjustments can enrich your own yoga practice. If you’re thinking about earning your yoga teacher training from our St George studio in the future, this class can help you begin building your skills and knowledge.

Other Upcoming Workshops at Our St George Studio

The Yoga Adjustments Workshop isn’t the only workshop coming soon to our St George studio.

On Friday, April 7, our talented instructor, Sadie Best, will be hosting a Sound & Stretch Workshop from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. This workshop will allow students to experience the healing power of yin and yoga, as well as sound bath meditation. This powerful, restorative class is just $35 per person.

Getting Your Yoga Teacher Training

Our yoga Utah studio hosts a variety of different styles of yoga classes, each taught by talented, experienced instructors. But we also help individuals to earn their yoga teacher training, and to deliver incredible experiences to their own students.

Our Fall Teacher Training will kick off on August 16, 2023. Students can choose between earning their 200 Hour YTT or 300 Hour YTT. Courses are a mix of online portal instruction and two-night, hands-on classes each week.

Apply today to start your journey to becoming a yoga instructor or deepening your personal practice!

Joining Our Yoga Adjustments Workshop

Whether you’re a yoga instructor or simply looking to expand and deepen your personal practice, the Yoga Adjustments Workshop at our St George studio is a great choice. Contact the team at Sun Rock Yoga today to reserve your spot for this special workshop.