While it may not quite share the popularity of yoga, nearly 10 million people in the U.S. practice pilates, with more joining every year. At Sun Rock Yoga, we even opened a brand new pilates studio this year to complement our existing yoga studio, and to offer a wider variety of pilates classes and styles.

Pilates has gained popularity in recent decades. But it was actually invented in the early 1900s by a man named Joseph Pilates. It’s changed a bit in the past 100+ years. But most pilates classes today still utilize low-impact exercises to focus on core strength and flexibility. Much like yoga, pilates puts an emphasis on total body awareness, with methods such as controlled, focused micro-movements and mindful breathing.

Also just like yoga, regular pilates practice can have a massive impact on your overall mental and physical health. Thinking about taking the plunge and signing up for beginner pilates classes from the best pilates St George Utah has to offer? Keep reading as we dive into some of the ways that it can transform your fitness.

Improve Your Core Strength

One of the primary foundations of pilates is the development of a solid, strong core. Other ab exercises like crunches or sit-ups target only the superficial muscles. But pilates is designed to engage your deep core. This includes your pelvic floor, transverse abdominis, and obliques. 

Whether you choose beginner pilates classes or a more advanced class at our pilates St George Utah studio, many of the movements and exercises that you do will challenge and strengthen your core. 

The reason that pilates puts such an emphasis on the core isn’t just weight loss or the goal of creating noticeable abs. Instead, it’s because of the importance of a strong core. Our core is essential in helping us to improve our stability, posture, and overall body strength. A strong core can help make you better at your favorite sport or other activity and also help reduce or prevent back pain or common injuries.

Acheive Greater Overall Flexibility

By helping you build a stronger core, pilates can help you stand straighter and have better posture. But it can also help you to do the opposite.

Similar to yoga, many pilates exercises will have you stretching and elongating your muscles. With regular practice, this can result in an increased range of motion in your joints and muscles. When you’re more flexible, everyday movements like walking, bending, or even climbing the stairs will become easier. Improving your flexibility can also help you lessen the risk of muscle strains and other injuries.

Develope a Strong Mind-Body Connection

Alongside building a strong core, another primary foundation of pilates is fostering a mind-body connection. Just as we do during a class in our Sunrock yoga studio, with every pilates movement, you’ll focus not only on the physical positioning of your body but also on your mental awareness and concentration. Encouraging mindfulness during a pilates class makes each exercise more effective. It also ensures that you’ll leave class feeling less stressed and more relaxed.

Taking a holistic, whole-body approach to fitness in this way can help you enjoy the benefits of a yoga or pilates class long after you’ve left the studio. At our pilates St George Utah studio, we are passionate about encouraging students to prioritize both their mental and physical health. A class at our pilates or yoga studio can help you do both.

Improve Your Total Body Strength

Your core muscles may be a focus during a class at our pilates St George Utah studio. But you’ll also be building strength in other parts of your body. Through a combination of resistance exercises on a reformer or other pilates equipment, you’ll target multiple muscle groups with every movement.  

Because pilates offers a challenge and an upbeat pace, regular pilates classes can also help enhance your cardiovascular endurance. This means you’ll have greater stamina, and be a better overall athlete—even if your sport of choice is a nice walk around the neighborhood or chasing your kids around the playground.

Heal Faster and Prevent Future Injuries

While you might leave feeling a little sore—in a good way—your pilates practice might actually help you to avoid a painful injury. Strengthening your core and other muscle groups, improving your posture and flexibility, and increasing your cardiovascular health can all help you to enjoy fewer injuries in the future. 

Pilates is low-impact by nature and focuses on smaller, controlled movements. For that reason, pilates is a safe and effective exercise to try while recovering from injuries or chronic conditions. Just as with classes in our Sunrock yoga studio, you can modify many pilates moves. That way, you can still enjoy a workout while you let one part of your body heal. Pilates can also be customized to suit different fitness or physical needs.

In older individuals or those with chronic conditions that impact the joints, improving the flexibility in those joints can help reduce pain and improve your overall health and quality of life.

Getting Started With the Best Pilates St George Utah Has to Offer

Maybe you have a specific health goal, like increasing your cardiovascular health and stamina or toning your muscles. Or, if you’re simply looking to take the first step towards better overall wellness. No matter the case, beginner pilates classes are a great choice. Through an emphasis on core strength, mindfulness, flexibility, and overall body awareness, pilates’ holistic approach can transform not just your fitness, but also your overall physical and mental health.

At our St George yoga studio, we offer a variety of different types of pilates classes. Get started with beginner pilates classes like a mat class. Or, take your pilates practice to the next level with reformer or trapeze classes. With our talented teachers, beautiful studio, and range of classes, Sun Rock Yoga is one of the best places for pilates St George Utah has to offer.

If you’re ready to transform your fitness, check out our pilates classes today to find the right one for you.