At Sun Rock Yoga, we’re excited to announce our brand new pilates space, coming soon to our St. George Utah studio! With our new space, we’ll also be adding some amazing new equipment and a whole lineup of brand-new pilates classes. In addition to the mat pilates classes we’ve offered in the past, we’ll also be adding trapezes, towers, chair pilates, and reformers to the lineup. Our full schedule of yoga classes will still be available as well in our new, larger studio. In fact, these classes are already taking place in the new space. If you haven’t been to a class lately, you’ll find us just two doors down from our previous St George studio.

Haven’t tried pilates before? Don’t worry—at Sun Rock Yoga studio, we welcome beginners and yogis at every stage in their wellness journey! If you’re planning to attend your first pilates class at our studio, keep reading as we break down everything you need to know about the different types of pilates classes that will be offered in our studio.

Mat Pilates

One of the most popular pilates classes, especially for beginners, is mat pilates. As the name suggests, mat pilates classes are performed on a pilates mat, which is similar to a yoga mat, but with more cushion. Mat pilates classes do not require any additional equipment; instead, your own body weight and balance is used to make each motion more difficult.

A mat pilates class is an excellent workout. Through a variety of exercises, you’ll lengthen and strengthen the muscles of your arms, abs, and legs. Much like yoga, mat pilates combines a mind and body workout. While moving through the various exercises, you’ll also work to improve your posture, coordination, balance, and breathing. 

If you love the stress relief aspect of yoga but want a more challenging workout, a mat pilates class at Sun Rock Yoga is a great choice. If you’re new to pilates, a mat pilates class is also a good starting point. If you want to continue your practice at home, many of the exercises that you’ll do during a mat pilates class are ones that you can do at home.

Reformer Pilates

Perhaps the most recognizable form of pilates is reformer pilates. This class takes place on a special machine called a reformer. This machine helps you to achieve various stretches and exercises. In fact, a reformer can help you do almost 60 different types of exercises.

Invented by Joseph Pilates, the man who developed pilates, the reformer features a frame that is shaped like a small bed, with a flat platform on the top that rolls back and forth on a set of wheels. Various attachments on the platform help you achieve each exercise.

A pilates reformer class is great for increasing the strength and stability of your core and improving your posture. Because this class is more challenging, it may be a better choice for more experienced pilates students. You’ll also want to make sure to wear the right clothes for this class, to avoid distractions or anything that could get in the way while using the reformer. Our St George Utah studio is excited to begin offering this popular pilates class!

Trapeze Pilates

A trapeze is another piece of pilates equipment. Similar to a reformer, the trapeze features a raised, bed-like platform. However, instead of a top that rolls back and forth, the trapeze features a frame that sits above the table, with attachments at various points.

While it’s less well-known than the reformer, the trapeze was actually the first piece of pilates equipment that Joseph Pilates designed. But don’t mistake it for being outdated! A trapeze pilates class is still an excellent, challenging workout. If you’re new to pilates, this can be a more accessible class than a reformer, because the trapeze doesn’t have a moving base and is easier to balance on.

Tower Pilates

The pilates tower is similar to the pilates trapeze. Like the trapeze, it offers a more stable surface compared to a reformer. This makes it a great option for beginners or for anyone who wants a class that’s less reliant on balance. The tower features a flat base, either on a low platform or directly on the ground, and a tower on one side. The many different attachments and equipment you’ll use during your class are attached to this tower.

A tower pilates class is strength-focused. The exercises you’ll go through during your class are designed to tone and strengthen the muscles of your arms, legs, abs, and more.

Chairs Pilates

Just like our chair yoga classes, we’ll be offering chair pilates classes for anyone who needs a little extra stability. From beginners to seniors to anyone who is simply looking for a more gentle alternative to other pilates classes, chair pilates is a great choice. As the name suggests, you’ll be seated in a chair during your class. From your chair, you’ll do a variety of exercises to strengthen and tone. 

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because you’re seated you won’t get a great workout—you’ll definitely still feel the burn after a chair pilates class!

Starting Your Pilates Journey at Our St George Utah Studio

From chair pilates to reformer, tower, and trapeze classes, there’s a pilates class for everyone, and for every stage of your pilates journey. If you’re new to pilates, chair, mat, tower, or trapeze classes are a great place to start. But even if you’re experienced in pilates, these classes still offer a great workout!

Sun Rock Yoga in St George is a great place to start your pilates journey. When our new pilates room opens, students will be able to choose from a variety of class options. Whether you want to try pilates for the first time or already know how great a workout it is, we’ll have a class option for you!

When our new pilates space opens, we’ll be offering semi-private pilates studio classes. These classes will count towards the hours required for students to gain open gym access. The best way to stay up-to-date with the new and exciting changes coming to our St George Utah studio is to follow us on Instagram! You can also check out our website to learn more about our membership options and single or class pass prices.