Signing up for your first yoga or pilates class is an exciting occasion! After searching for “yoga classes near me” and choosing a beginner-friendly class, there are a few other details you’ll want to think about before heading to the studio. 

If you’re attending your first yoga class, you’ll need a mat. Some yoga studios, including Sun Rock Yoga, offer mat rentals. This is a great way to try out some classes before investing in your own. Even after enjoying a few classes, opting for a mat rental—included for free in our Epic Membership—means never having to worry about toting around your own or giving it a good cleaning after each class.

Another thing you’ll need to think about is what you’ll wear for your first class. Choosing the right yoga and pilates clothing can help you stay comfortable and make the most of your class. Keep reading as we explain the best way to choose your outfit.

Keep it Comfortable

The last thing you want when choosing what to wear to your first class at our Red Rock yoga studio is something that you’re not comfortable wearing. Both yoga and pilates will have you stretching, bending, sitting, standing, and more. Even in a low-impact or slow-paced class, like Chair Yoga or Mindful Flow, you’ll still need to have plenty of range of motion. Clothing that offers plenty of stretch is a good choice.

Want to get yourself even more excited about your first class? Picking out a brand-new outfit can be a fun way to do so, and could even help you get motivated to make yoga or pilates a regular part of your routine. But if you do choose a new fit for your first class, consider wearing it at least once before you head to the studio. Don’t assume that all clothing that’s designed for working out or even specifically for yoga will be comfortable. After wearing it for a couple of hours, you might discover that those leggings or tops aren’t as comfortable as you thought and that they could wind up distracting you from your class.

Avoid Distractions

Along the same lines as clothing that’s too tight and restrictive, you’ll want to avoid other distractions as well. Clothing with ties that get in your way while you bend into Downward Dog. Leggings that leave you feeling itchy while you’re hitting the mat for the start of your pilates class. A top with a knot or decoration on the back that digs into your skin while you’re on your back on your mat.

You’ll want your outfit to not only be comfortable but also distraction-free. Keeping your outfit simple is a great way to do this. Simple short or long-sleeved shirts, instead of hoodies or tops with zippers or buttons are a good choice. Leggings and shorts designed for working out will give you full range of motion without getting in the way. 

Choose Items That Keep You Cool

Not all yoga classes will have you working up a heavy sweat. Of course, for some, this is the goal. There’s nothing better than jumpstarting your day with an AM Power Yoga class! But whether you’re challengings yourself with a Heated Yoga Class or a more relaxing Vinyasa Flow, you’ll want to choose clothing that’s designed to help you stay cool and comfortable. 

Fabrics like nylon and polyester may leave you feeling overheated, even during an easy workout. Even a heavy cotton t-shirt can be too warm. That’s because these fabrics absorb sweat, but fail to wick it away from your skin. This can leave you feeling more and more overheated as your class gets tougher.

Moisture-wicking fabrics are a great alternative. This includes synthetic fabrics as well as natural options like bamboo. These wick away your sweat and dry quickly, so you can stay comfortable through every plank, Tree Pose, and Warrior.

Skip Anything Too Oversized

Another great way to stay cool and comfortable is to avoid clothing that’s too tight. If you’re used to—and comfortable wearing—leggings and fitted workout or yoga tops, you can of course wear these to your first class! But if you’re not, you don’t want to wind up more worried about your outfit than you are about what your instructor is saying.

However, if you choose to wear loose-fitting clothes, avoid anything that’s overly loose. Baggy tops and pants can get in the way while you’re stretching and making your way from one pose to the next. Opt for well-fitting, loose tops and pants instead. If you’re not sure whether something will get in the way, consider doing a quick trial run at home to make sure that your choice of outfit is something that won’t distract you during your first class.

Searching for the Best “Yoga Classes Near Me”

Choosing the right clothing for yoga and pilates classes can help you stay cool and comfortable so that you can focus on getting the most out of your first class. 

Still searching for the best “yoga classes near me?” Sun Rock Yoga studio is a great place to start. Our St George yoga studio offers a variety of yoga and pilates classes to choose from, including several that are perfect for beginners. Harmonize your mind, body, and soul during a rejuvenating Mindful Flow class. Challenge, stretch, and strengthen your body in a Mat Pilates class. Looking for something gentle and low-impact? Chair Yoga classes are a great option.

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