St. George, Utah attracts millions of visitors a year. Many come to the city on their way to Zion National Park, or the region’s many incredible state parks. But this Spring, there’s another reason to plan a visit; St. George is set to host the 2022 Ironman® World Championship.

On May 7, 2022, thousands of athletes, spectators, and volunteers will descend on St. George and the surrounding area for the 2022 Intermountain Healthcare IRONMAN® World Championship, presented by the Utah Sports Commission. 

Planning to compete in this exciting race? Sun Rock Yoga is one of the closest Utah yoga studios to the race’s starting line. We’re ready to welcome athletes and their families looking to get in a great pre-race stretch and warm-up or start their post race recovery. With a variety of classes to choose from, there’s one for every experience level and interest.

Whether you’re planning to compete or will be attending as a spectator, keep reading to learn more about this incredible race.

What’s an Ironman® Race?

If you’ve never had the chance to compete in or see an Ironman race in progress, you’re probably wondering what it is. An Ironman is a long-distance triathlon, put on by a franchise by the name of Ironman. As a triathlon, each race features three events; running, biking, and swimming. These three events take place outdoors, often in rugged conditions.

The race totals 140.6 miles, or 226.3 kilometers. This includes a 2.4-mile open water swim, a 26.2-mile run, and a 112-mile bike ride. The distance, as well as the often grueling conditions, have earned the Ironman race a reputation as one of the most challenging in the world. Athletes are put to the test mentally and physically as they compete against one another—and against themselves—in an effort to make it to the finish line with the best time.

What Does it Take to Compete in the Ironman World Championship?

The 2022 Ironman® World Championship is no ordinary Ironman race. Unlike regular Ironman races, not just anyone can compete in this race. Instead, it’s set to welcome only the top Ironman athletes.

In order to compete in the Championship, athletes need to have previously qualified in another Ironman event. Qualification is based on finishing times during previous sanctioned Ironman® events. Athletes must re-qualify each year in order to compete in the World Championship.

The Ironman® Returns to St. George

The World Championship this May isn’t the first Ironman® event that the city of St. George has hosted.

The first Ironman® to come to the area took place on May 1, 2010. From the beginning. Southern Utah proved to be a challenging location for this already difficult race, thanks to the rugged landscapes of Southern Utah and its high temperatures. In the race’s second year, temperatures soared to the 90s (Fahrenheit). During the third race, a freak storm struck just minutes after racers took to the water for the 2.4-mile swim in Sand Hollow Reservoir. Waves climbed to 4 feet, and many racers were pulled from the water. 

While no injuries occurred, the full-distance Ironman® race was moved the following year. In its place, the Ironman® 70.3 was instead moved to the city. This race is half the distance of a regular Ironman® race, but equally challenging in terms of the conditions athletes face.

In 2022, when the Ironman® World Championship marks the return of the full-distance race to St. George, the Ironman® 70.3 World Championship will still be held here as well, on October 28-29, 2022. After that, the two races will alternate years that they are hosted in St. George.

Preparing for the 2022 Ironman® World Championship

Planning to compete in the 2022 Ironman® World Championship? There’s plenty to get done ahead of the race. You’ll need to choose your St. George accommodations from the many hotels and vacation rentals in the area. You’ll need to book flights to and from St. George, or nearby Las Vegas, and decide on how you’ll get from the airport to the race. And you’ll need to get your race weekend plans in order.

If you want to make sure that your muscles are properly stretched and prepared for this difficult race, and that your head is in the right place before taking on this mentally and physically challenging course, consider adding a visit to a studio offering yoga in Utah.

Whether you’re an Ironman athlete or a casual runner, yoga is a great addition to your training regime. It can help increase your range of motion, relieve muscle soreness, and strengthen your core, which in turn helps your other muscles get stronger as well. 

Plan to pop into Utah yoga studios the day before the race for a Mindful Flow class. This slower-paced class helps you to be mindful about your body as you move through each pose, relieving stress while also stretching your muscles. Post-race, consider a Restore class to show your mind and body some self-care.

Visiting the Best Studio for Yoga in St. George

Ready to see for yourself the difference a visit to a studio offering yoga in Utah can make for your race performance? Now is a great time to schedule a class at Sun Rock Yoga. Located in St. George, just a short distance from the start of the 2022 Ironman® World Championship, our studio welcomes visitors looking to reap the endless benefits of yoga. We offer a variety of types of classes for you to choose from. You don’t need to have experience in yoga to reap the many benefits of a pre- or post-race class.

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